Sentia’s team have an extensive broadcast background within major national & regional broadcasters, both studio & field based, they combine this with an encyclopedic knowledge of transmission & digital encoding/delivery & a passion for all of the above to bring a unique & agile offering to the broadcast industry.

Sentia operate combined TV & Radio OB vehicles based on 4X4s which can go anywhere, at any time & get you live. We also operate conventional DSNG vehicles & fast response CNG vehicles. Whether you’re in central London or on a remote hill in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, we’ll get it done. In some cases we can be broadcast ready in 90 seconds. All of our uplink vehicles except for fast response are equipped to handle HD-SDI vision mixing & 16 channel audio mixing if you need it, plus they’re fitted with Talkback & GSM IFB.

We combine the best of 3G & 4G with IP based VSAT technology, LTE & conventional KU Band uplinks to deliver HD content direct to your MCR/Studio, stream it live to any destination you like or record it for later rebroadcast, transferring the recorded rushes over our VSAT link to base on the spot if you need to. Combined with our compact 4×4 vehicle platform, now you really CAN “go live from anywhere”.

Demand Epic Outside Broadcasts

Here is one of our biggest projects to date – Miss World – broadcast live during a series of events to over 13% of the global population in just about every country in the world:-

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Broadcast Engineering, Studio Build, Maintenance & Systems Integration

Our broadcast team have extensive project management, design & build experience of Studio Complexes & transmission chains for both TV & Radio.

We provide a full-service solution to any requirement no matter on what scale that may be, including working with you to design a specification, systems integration, training your team & ongoing support – because we’re broadcast professionals, we’re sensitive to the way you work & your deadlines too.

If you’re considering an upgrade, newbuild or just require ongoing support, talk to us now.


We’ve invested in a state of the art audio & video streaming, digital delivery & content management system, designed fully  in house by our team & built on common standards.

Our history in this field is outstanding – our team were sending audio & video streams around the world long before this became commonplace, we helped launch & maintain the pioneers of Internet Radio in the mid 90s & we’ve been involved in some of the largest digital delivery projects on the planet. You might say you’re in safe hands with us.

This makes us the ideal choice to deliver your radio station, TV broadcast or event online.

Our system provides full management & control for both live & on demand services, plus smart on-the-fly re-encoding to suit end user devices & connections.

We’ve also recently invested in the latest 4K capable equipment for our vision switchers & studio cameras, so we can help you to acquire & produce great content too.


We are a full service production house for both TV & Radio – we produce station imaging, advertising & other elements for a number of commercial & community media clients.

Our facilities include:-

  • Adobe Audition 3
  • ProTools HD9
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Apple Motion 3
  • Adobe Premiere CS5
  • Adobe After Effects CS5
  • Adobe Flash CS5
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Cinema 4D
  • Zaxworks
  • Voicebooth with Oktava MK2500 mic & TFPro P3 mic channel
  • Portable portrait photo studio, including 4 light set

We can deliver projects in any digital format through online delivery, on DVD or either HDV or DVCAM tape stock. Audio projects can be delivered as required via e-delivery in any format or on CD/DVD. We have made the conscious decision to not offer DAT or Minidisc delivery, however we do accept MiniDisc for ingest.

Event Radio & TV

You’ll have heard our subcontract work in 2008 & 2009 on the extremely successful Truckfest FM at the East of England showground in Peterborough & at many other prestigious events up & down the country.

Alongside being experienced in information radio & providing stunning broadcast output for your event, our team have various specialisms, such as Equestrian Eventing & Commentary which have been much in demand from our clients over recent times.

Event radio can be a great information tool & revenue stream too.

Broadcasting the latest travel, weather & event news updates lets your visitors keep in touch with what’s happening whether they’re en-route or already at the event. Hourly international news completes the picture keeping people who like to be up-to-date with the latest hard news happy too.

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